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Cost of Removal Companies Guide

If you’re looking for removal companies, London prices are probably putting you off. With Dex Removals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective your move can be. We’ll even start you off for free, with a no-obligation quote.

Let’s talk figures

At the moment, research suggests that moving from a three bedroom house will cost between £400 and £1,000, depending on your requirements, such as packing or specialist items, which can add a few hundred pounds to your bill.

Average House Removal Costs

One bedroom flat/house – £59 to £250
Two bedrooms flat/house – £150 to £400
Three bedroom flat/house – £400 to £680
Four bedroom flat/house – £560 to £750
If you’re looking into having some storage time, perhaps as a result of a delay between your house selling and your new house being ready, you’ll be looking at about £150 per month for the contents of a three bedroom house.

When you’re thinking about removal company costs, you need to think like a removal company. Do a tour of your house, and look for bulky items – beds, wardrobes and other large or heavy items. These items will take up a lot of space in your removal lorry, and a bigger lorry will mean a higher cost. Identify delicate items like art work, musical instruments and antiques, which might need special packing crates. If you’re planning to ask for a packing service, look for items you’ll want to be packed. If you can minimise those by decluttering, that’s fewer man hours to pay for.

The cost of removal companies can also be affected by the distance you’re moving. Any vehicle will need fuel, and a long distance move may need your removal crew to have an overnight stay somewhere.

If you can time your move to avoid peak times (weekends, summer or school holidays), you’ll also save money. High demand will increase prices.

How can I save money?

Start well before you move. Collect strong cardboard boxes when you visit the supermarket, and save any bubble wrap or packaging material from parcels you receive.

If you’re paying for a packing service, and you’ve finished decluttering, get wrapping and packing your pieces yourself. If you’re prepared to save your removal team time, say so at quote time.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to invite your removals company to your home so that they can see exactly what’s going into a removal lorry. Some will charge for this service, but not Dex Removals – take advantage of our free, no-obligation quote, and start saving money right away. If you’re looking into removals, London has to be one of the most expensive places in the world. Dex Removals can make it happen, whatever your budget.