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Choose Dex Removals for man and van London service It is no secret that relocating the contents of a home or office can be challenging, frustrating and downright overwhelming. What should be moved first? How will you transport your delicate items? What if you do not have the appropriate vehicles? How will you pay for the storage of your items? These are only a handful of the most important questions that you will need to ask. Coincidentally, these are the very same topics that our man and van London company deals with on a daily basis. So, what can you expect to enjoy when using the services of Dex Removals Company?

Looking for Man And Van in London

One of the issues when choosing a moving van in London is the fact that their sizes may be limited. This can be aggravating for two reasons. First, you will likely be required to make multiple trips (no easy task when dealing with city traffic). Secondly, your more valuable items could also become damaged during the shipment. Not only are our vans fully equipped to deal with loads of multiple sizes, but leave all of the heavy lifting to us! Our team of highly trained professionals boasts years of experience within this challenging industry. So, you can rest assured that the amount of care that we take will leave you pleasantly confident in our abilities. Your Needs All of the TimePerhaps you only require us for a one-off move to a nearby apartment complex. Or, you could instead need our man and van removals to transport the entire contents of your massive office. From minor furniture removals in London to truly daunting undertakings, your needs are our first, last and only priority. We will be able to work around your schedule and complete the move within the time frame that you require. Above all, we never sacrifice quality for speed; you will be able to witness both. When using online search terms such as “man with a van London”, all of these traits are the hallmarks of a reliable company.

Professional London Movers

Another challenging aspect of a move involves the logistics of the transportation. Which items should be packed first? How are you going to be able to remove that massive desk safely from your office? How should a van be packed efficiently? Where are you to place your fragile items? These are all critical questions during any move. Our trained technicians will determine the best ways to address such areas while doing so in a fraction of the time that other man and van London companies would require. This will save you frustration and a great deal of money. Of course, this very same team will consult with you during various stages of the move. We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible while always keeping you informed should your plans suddenly change. When seeking the best man and van removals in your area, you have indeed come to the right place! Quick PricingYou may have found that the prices for a moving van in London can vary widely. Or, perhaps the company in question did not provide you with a clear appraisal upon their initial consultation. Not only can this be very frustrating, but such a scenario can place a great deal of strain upon what may very well already be a limited budget. This is another feature which sets our man with a van London enterprise apart. Simply navigate to our home page and fill in our handy online quotation form. After entering in such details as your current postcode, the type of dwelling, the expected moving date and any extra information you feel is necessary, we will come back to you with a real-time quote before you ever have to commit to our service. In other words, planning your finances ahead of time has never been easier.

Much More than Moving…

Let us imagine for a moment that your new home is not yet fully completed. So, you will have difficulty storing all of your items in this location for a certain amount of time. What are you to do? Many other firms which supply furniture removals in London would require you to find a separate storage service. Once again, this could stretch your budget to the breaking point. Additionally, how are you to remain confident in regards to the reputation of this third-party provider? At Dex Removals, we are quite proud to offer you our proprietary on-site storage facilities. At prices starting as low as fifteen pounds per week, you can rest assured that all of your valuable items will remain safe and secured until the final transport is needed.

Materials Galore

Our man and van removals are much more than physical effort and transportation alone. We have learned that a sizable portion of our clients appreciate the security of packing their items themselves. So, our man with a van London enterprise is likewise pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of packaging amenities. From boxes of numerous sizes to protective wrapping and tape, you can remain assured that we use only the most durable of materials that are specifically designed for the moving industry. This is a far cry from running across town and enquiring if any spare boxes are available at the local retail outlet! Of course, these can either be used for a one-off transport or you can instead keep them for later storage requirements. We will naturally pack these items for you upon request; a powerful benefit for busy households or professionals who simply do not have the time throughout the day.

Referrals Welcome

There are additional reasons why our man and van London company has proven to be so very popular for a growing number of customers. We value referrals and we constantly strive to build our reputation through word of mouth. Do you have a friend or family member that has been desperately searching for furniture removals in London to no avail? If so, please direct them to our services. In return for your confidence, we will be able to offer a full twenty-five per cent discount! This can quickly add up during even the smallest of relocations. So, it is clear to see that your happiness is our livelihood.

To summarise, what are some of the primary benefits that you can expect to enjoy with Dex Removals? A few of the most pronounced are:

When searching for a fast and trustworthy moving van in London, look no further than the bespoke services that we are happy to provide. We understand that any relocation can be stressful and time consuming. Through the use of our professionals and an extensive knowledge base, you will be able to sit back and relax while we take care of your needs. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest possible convenience.